The Kremlin is not going to renew the Federal Treaty with Tatarstan media

The administration of the President of the Russian Federation is not going to renew the contract on differentiation of powers between the Federal centre and the authorities of the Republic of Tatarstan, according to RBC with reference to sources close to the Kremlin.

The news Agency stressed that the conclusion of a new Treaty in the presidential administration is not considered.

The Republic’s authorities do not agree with the Kremlin’s position and try to challenge it, but knowing the rigid position of Moscow on this issue, «trying to bargain for preferential treatment.»

In a press-service of the President of Tatarstan, the Agency reported that urge the Russian authorities to extend the contract, «so as not to disturb people.»

Agreement on the delimitation of powers between Russia and Tatarstan was first signed in 1994. In 2007, its validity was extended for 10 years, however, in the updated document, the powers of the authorities of Tatarstan Republic were significantly curtailed.

Under the agreement, residents of Tatarstan have the right to insert in the passport in the Tatar language, and the head of Tatarstan shall, in addition to Russian, to own Tatar language. In addition, Tatarstan has a nominal right to share with the Federal government a wide range of issues related to the Republic.

The Kremlin is not going to renew the Federal Treaty with Tatarstan media 12.07.2017

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