The Kremlin could strike at the Ukrainian-Iranian relations after the supply to Ukraine of American lethal weapons – Huffington Post

Moscow may use the fact of improvement of Ukrainian-Iranian relations in order to discredit Ukraine in case of supplies from USA anti-tank missile systems Javelin, writes in his article «Why the Kremlin opposes the supply of defensive equipment to Ukraine,» Sanjay Singh is the author of the American edition of Huffington Post.

Russia’s reaction to the decision of the President of the United States Donald trump is possible to predict, as the Kremlin has repeatedly used the propaganda machine to discredit Ukraine before the international community, said the journalist.

«In this particular case, they can use the principles of information war, using unreliable or perverted facts. For example, the Kremlin can say, «today you put a Javelin to Ukraine, and tomorrow they will work in Iran,» referring to the fact that Ukrainian customs found the components for the Russian anti-tank missile system «Fagot», which is almost never used by the Ukrainian army, on a plane EN route from Kiev to Iran. Unless it was the only one of the attempts of the Russian side to discredit Ukraine?» – the author writes.

Such propaganda will have a negative impact not only on Ukraine and its companies operating in Iran, but also in the relations between Ukraine and the United States, he said. Ukraine has not imposed sanctions against Iran, while the United States has partially eliminated some of them and weakened the other, reminds the edition.

Iran is one of the countries that collects Ukrainian An-140 aircraft for its domestic market from Ukrainian components, the journalist writes. He also notes that in Iran, since 1990, the Ukrainian airline «Khors» which performs regular and Charter passenger flights and helps Iranian firms with the wet leasing of aircraft – a type of lease where the aircraft is leased with crew.

The Russian side responds to every win of Ukraine, whether the opening of the European market for Ukrainian manufacturers or visa-free regime with the European Union, emphasizes the publication.

«Every time the aggressor is trying to distort the facts to tear for a bit of historical culture, meaning, in addition, to humiliate and defame Ukraine. Russia purposefully struggling with a positive image of Ukraine. It is vital for Russia to deal with the status of the enemy at the international level. In this particular context, the assistance and support of the United States and the government of the United States to Ukraine are a powerful deterrent to Russian aggression» – summarizes the author.

20 December 2017 edition of the Washington Post reported that the administration of U.S. President Donald trump for the first time has allowed the export of lethal defensive weapons to Ukraine. It was argued that commercial license approved by the U.S. state Department, involves the sale of sniper rifles, Barrett M107A1, ammunition and related accessories in the amount of $41.5 million

December 22, the TV channel ABC News referring to sources in the Department informed that trump will announce the approval they plan to sell anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, including Javelin systems.

On 23 December the state Department announced that it will provide Ukraine with «enhanced defense capabilities». In a statement, the us administration noted that «Ukraine is a sovereign country and has the right to defend itself.»

3 January 2018, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that the US weapons will be used in case of provocations from the Russian side, not offensively.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia, the United States called the «war-mongering».

The Kremlin could strike at the Ukrainian-Iranian relations after the supply to Ukraine of American lethal weapons – Huffington Post 09.01.2018

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