The Klitschko brothers will be to convince the Dutch to vote for Association with Ukraine

Campaign for popularization of Ukraine in the Netherlands will be joined by Ukrainian and foreign politicians and public figures. About it on March 20 the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin announced in the «Podrobnosti Nedeli» on TV channel «inter».

«We are working on how to show modern European Ukraine to the Netherlands. This campaign was joined by all non-governmental organizations, parliamentarians, politicians, diplomats are trying to coordinate and promote this work», — said Klimkin.

According to him, in the near future in the Netherlands he would go himself, the Minister of Finance Natalia Jaresko, the mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko, world Boxing champion Vladimir Klitschko and many others. In addition, MFA is working with many countries of the EU, policies which will come to the Netherlands to talk about Ukraine.


6 April 2016 in the Netherlands will take place the Advisory referendum on the Association Agreement EU — Ukraine. The vote is taken on the question: «are You «for» or «against» the ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU?» The referendum was initiated by a group GeenPeil.

The results of the referendum were consultative in nature and optional for implementation by government. In addition, the turnout should be at least 30% to have the referendum considered valid.

Currently the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU have already ratified, both houses of the Parliament of the Netherlands. However, according to the law, which came into force in the country on 1 July, virtually any parliamentarians voted for the document can be submitted to a referendum, if it is collected 300 thousand signatures.

Note, the Russian propaganda machine is directly and indirectly trying to discredit the image of Ukraine in Europe, to disrupt its current Western geopolitical choice.

Dutch deputies from the party «Democracy-66» has addressed with the request to the MFA of the Netherlands to clarify whether there is any indication of Russia’s influence on the forthcoming referendum.

It was also reported that in the Netherlands are planning to make a series about corruption communications of the European Commission with the Ukrainians. Also Europeans have twice tried to scare the fake terrorists from the regiment «Azov».

Ukrainian volunteers took off for residents of the Netherlands a video in which he refuted the false key points of Russian propaganda and urged residents of the country in the referendum to support the Association of Ukraine and the European Union.

The Klitschko brothers will be to convince the Dutch to vote for Association with Ukraine 21.03.2016

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