The killer of tourists in Hurghada bought a knife after Friday prayers

Representatives of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Germany called the killing of two German citizens in Hurghada (Egypt) «shocking and evil». About this reports Deutsche Welle.

«We found out that the attack was directed on there are foreign tourists. It was a treacherous and criminal act, which is sad, shocking and evil,» – said the Minister.

It is known that the killer came to the hotel with the public beach that killed two women and wounded two other tourists. Then moved to another resort.

Euronews reports, citing law enforcement sources that the man who assaulted the tourists, the man was a supporter of radical Islamism.

Representatives of the security Department of the province where the attack happened, said that the suspect is 28-year-old Abderrahman, Shams al-DIN, reports TASS. To freely come into the city and to get to the tourist area he was able because previously had problems with law enforcement.

To Hurghada it arrived on 14 July, called for prayer in the mosque and then purchased a kitchen knife from the hardware store. After the attack on tourists he threw into the sea a knife and phone, but the items found and filed as evidence.

Associated Press, citing an anonymous source noted that during the attack, the attacker shouted in Arabic: «Stay back, I don’t need the Egyptians.»

The eyewitness of the tragedy, the Ukrainian Yulia Girich believes that the offender deliberately attacked women.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine after the attack, called on Ukrainians in the next 24 hours to leave the territory of hotels and to be extra vigilant.

The killer of tourists in Hurghada bought a knife after Friday prayers 15.07.2017

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