The jury Maxim Rylsky called the winner

The award of the Cabinet of Ministers.Rylsky 2016 was awarded to Ivan Ryabchiy for the French translation of the book «Two gentlemen of Brussels» Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, published in Lvov «published by Annette Antonenko». The corresponding decision was announced on Tuesday at a meeting of the Committee on award, informs a press-service of the state Committee.

«The book «Two gentlemen of Brussels» consists of six short stories by French-Belgian writer, not only well-known in the world, but also repeatedly translated in Ukraine (in particular «Oscar and the pink lady», «Mr. Ibrahim and the flowers of Koran», «the Perfect murder»)», — stated in the message.

Ivan Ryabchiy, translated from the French into Ukrainian works of Alfred Le Poitvin, Georges Akouta, Anatole France, Michel Houellebecq, Jean-Luc Outers, Henri Bosco, Patrick Modiano, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt and Yasmin Reza.

For the award, which is awarded to writers and poets for the translation into Ukrainian of works of eminent foreign authors or translations of works by Ukrainian classics and contemporary authors on the languages of the peoples of the world, in 2016, it was nominated for 7 artistic works of the five nominees. Members of the Committee for the award noted the high level of works submitted for the competition. In particular, such candidates as Natalya Snyadanko, Vladimir Verhoven, Giorgi Arabuli and Elena Crystalsa.

Recall that the award named after Maxim Rylsky was established in 2013 and is awarded by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the basis of proposals and recommendations of the Committee (temporary Advisory body) birthday Rylsky — March 19. The first awarding took place in 2014. The winner of the award was the writer Roman Hamada for his book of translations from the Persian language «Fascinating story» by Ali Safi and «Bachtiar-name», published in 2011 and 2012 in publishing house «Bogdan». In 2015 the prize was awarded Maxim Striha for the translation from the Italian poem by Dante Alighieri «the divine Comedy. Hell» (published by «Astrolabe»).

The jury Maxim Rylsky called the winner 03.02.2016

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