The judge gives Savchenko pressure of the investigator questions

In the Donetsk city court of the Rostov region to suspend the meeting of the Rostov activist read journalists and police officers «Kobzar» in Russian. About it reports «Radio Freedom».

«During the break the court in the case Savchenko , Rostov activist Natalia Kissel journalists reads «Kobzar» in Russian. Police officers listen attentively», — informs «Radio Freedom».

In addition, in the Donetsk city court at the session is the questioning of the investigator of the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Dmitry Manshina. Broadcast leads portal «the Media».

«The hall is composed of judges, prosecutors and defenders Savchenko — mark Feigin, Nikolai Polozov and mark Feigin. The interrogation of the investigator Manshina continued. Press allowed to shoot, and in the hall, where a live feed from the meeting, only the sound works. The questions poses itself Savchenko», — informs a portal.

The first question Savchenko «I sewed article 105 of the criminal code. Why did you choose the motif of «hate?» on all subsequent Manshin evasively said that all of the information already contained in materials of criminal case» or «can’t remember». The judge covers up for it by periodically removing questions as incorrect.

The question of Savchenko «. for this case already?» Manshin said nothing.

We will remind, the Russian investigators accuse Savchenko under articles «murder» and «attempted murder». Ukrainian woman denies all the charges.

After the capture of militants, it was transferred to Russia. Nadezhda Savchenko went on hunger strike on 18 December after it was extended her detention.

Note, as stated by Feigin, the procedure of issuing Ukrainian pilots could begin before mid-March.

The judge gives Savchenko pressure of the investigator questions 10.02.2016

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