The journalist met with the Ministry of justice «berkutovets» who beat him on the Euromaidan. The police statement refused to accept

In Kiev in the building of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine on 5 February 2016, there was a clash between the journalist and former «berkutova», which took part in law enforcement actions against people on the Maidan and which identified the journalist Maxim trebuhov. About this wrote on his Facebook activist (Black Committee), the fighter of a voluntary battalion Organization ukraisnkih nationalists (OUN) Bogdan Tytsky.

«The Ministry of justice on the journalist Trebukhova from the «Left coast» attacked police officers. He recognized the presence of ex-Berkutov that on the Maidan smashed him in the head. When Maxim wanted to hold him, to write a statement about the crime, the police attacked the journalist, was released Berkutov and beat the journalist,» writes Tytskikh.

The participants of the visit to the Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko, who did not appear, was planning to discuss with him issues of reforming the penal area and, in particular, to talk about the facts of tortures in Ukrainian pre-trial detention and prisons.

According to them, recently on an official resource of the Ministry of justice announced that on February 5 Petrenko will conduct personal reception of citizens. «Ask the Minister about the torture in prisons», under this slogan took place the event. The purpose of the visit was to talk with the Minister about inhuman conditions of detention in Ukrainian prisons, in particular, about kachestve low, practically absent medical support, emergency household conditions, high mortality rate of prisoners,» they say.

Despite the scheduled time of reception, in reception, the Minister did not appear, and the persons in the civil, not introducing themselves and not explaining the reasons for the absence of the Minister or his Deputy at the reception, tried to persuade them to leave the room, saying, «this is a regime object» .

«A few hours later the Minister called and gave what they would take Wednesday, February 11, at 9:30», — it is specified on the page of the people’s Deputy Igor Mosiychuk.

In the same source it is reported that the police along with former»berkutova» who was known trebuhov, arrived on Vysok employees of the Ministry of justice, which did not like that a few dozen people decided to wait Petrenko in his office.

«The main thing is the picture square on the wall, in frames — ironically one of the participants of the event, member of the Committee of release of political prisoners Tatiana Bliznyuk. — I remember, I proud of it.»

Together with public activists of Petrenko today not answered and residents of dormitories that were previously on the balance sheet of the Ministry, but now privatized, resulting with minor children facing eviction onto the street.

After the call Petrenko, representatives of the Ministry accepted the appeal of citizens and assigned each group a separate meeting. Residents of the hostel promised to include electricity and gas, which until today have been disconnected until full settlement of the situation, complements

According to media reports, Petrenko is close to current Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk member of the Cabinet, a complete change which is required by the parliamentary faction of the «Samopomochi»,»Batkivschyna», the Radical party, as well as the technocrats of foreign origin led by Mikheil Saakashvili, and partial — Block of Petro Poroshenko.

The journalist met with the Ministry of justice «berkutovets» who beat him on the Euromaidan. The police statement refused to accept 06.02.2016

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