The invaders seized the ATP Islyamov in Simferopol, 80% of which are Crimean Tatars

Occupied by the Russians in Simferopol security forces seized the company, which is associated with one of the leaders of the Crimean Tatars, co-facilitator of the commercial blockade of the Peninsula Lenur Islyamova. On Monday, 1 February 2016, in his Facebook wrote journalist and TV presenter Lilia Bujurova.

«Masks-show on Simcitytrans. Unknown persons, including some in full combat gear — masks, body armor, machine guns, seized the administrative building of «Simcitytrans», completely blocking it. Everyone who is in the building, including the management of the company, now closed in one room. Security forces did not explain their actions, do not require any documents», — is told in the message.

«Cost of the OSCE mission to return, immediately began new repressions and persecution of Crimean Tatars», — commented on users of social networks.

The information confirms an information portal «15 minutes». Journalists clarify that previously at this address was located Crimean Tatar TV ATR, Lаle and radio Meydan.

As noted in soobsheniia words of employees of LLC «Simcitytrans», searches in the company are related to the fact that it belongs to the Eden Islamova — father Islyamov.

«Their goal is the elimination of the company from the market of passenger transportation in the Crimea, resulting in no work can remain about 500 drivers and attendants. 80% of employees «Simcitytrans» are Crimean Tatars», — stated in the material.

According to public information, the company provides passenger transport, it is also available tow trucks and the possibility of carrying out of state checkup.

At the end of 2015, media entrepreneur and public figure Islyamov moved to Kiev.

According to the so-called «attorney Crimea» Natalia Poklonskaya, at the expense of personal property Islyamov should be «compensated for» losses on commodity and energy blockade of the Peninsula from mainland Ukraine.

In addition, famous sayings Islyamov that he is going to lead the Crimean Tatar battalion of the National guard, and that the return of the Peninsula in the state territory of Ukraine is not possible with the «peace» scenario for the Russians it is also going to attract Islyamov to criminal liability.

The invaders seized the ATP Islyamov in Simferopol, 80% of which are Crimean Tatars 01.02.2016

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