The Institute of national remembrance announced the names of 520 of the Communist leaders, which should not be on the map of Ukraine

The Ukrainian Institute of national memory (BINP) revealed the names of historical figures, whose activities are subject to the laws of decommunization. Streets and other toponyms named after them, should be renamed to 21 November 2015.

A list of known Communists 520 published on 6 October on the official website of the Central organ of Executive power.

We are talking about persons who «had held senior positions in the Communist party, the highest authorities and management of the USSR, the Ukrainian SSR and other republics or Autonomous Soviet socialist republics». «Were members of the Cheka-GPU-NKVD-KGB, as well as leaders of the Communist party, the October revolution of 1917. Also fall under the decommunization those who established the Soviet power in Ukraine, persecuted the participants of the struggle for independence of Ukraine in XX century», — reported in the explanatory note of the Institute.

In Ukraine still has streets named in the honor of organizers of the Holodomor of Lazar Kaganovich, Stanislav Kosior, Grigory Petrovsky and Mendel hataevicha streets. The conscience of these people the lives of millions of Ukrainians, therefore, it is unacceptable to perpetuate and «honor» their memory, reminds the employee of Institute of national memory Bogdan Korolenko.

«Among the individuals whose names are immortalized in the Soviet names, and there are comic examples. In particular, Moses Morison, named after the street in Chernigov, at the time, stole a suitcase at the station, for which he was arrested by the police. At the station it turned out that the suitcase — Bolshevik proclamations. The thief pulled it by mistake, but the Soviet propaganda made him an ardent revolutionary,» said Korolenko.

A separate category of persons included in the list of characters that, at first glance, the action «decommoditizing» the law does not apply, but the worship of which is directly connected with the establishment of Soviet power and Communist party activity.

This, for example Friedrich Engels, one of the founders of «Marxism» — the teachings that became the Foundation of the Communist movement in Europe and the world; Karl Marx, the leader of the international Communist movement, political economy research which became the basis of the Communist movement in Europe and the world; Rosa Luxemburg is an active activist of the international workers ‘ movement, founder of the German Communist party.

«Despite the fact that the first two did not even live up to the October revolution of 1917, and Luxemburg «communism worked» in Germany, you need to keep in mind that the formation and further establishment of Soviet power was accompanied by their commemorative practices, with obvious political overtones. Their names became an integral part of the ideology and propaganda of the Communist totalitarian regime,» says Korolenko.

The list created by historians for the convenience of local territorial communities (Ukr. communities) who choose new names of the Communist streets and settlements according to the law of Ukraine «About the condemnation of the Communist and national socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regimes in Ukraine and the prohibition of propaganda of their symbols».

«The list is not exhaustive, employees winp continue to work on it», — underlined in the message of the Institute.

We will remind, till November 21 the local authority must make a decision about the de-names of a total of 908 towns and villages almost all over the country, not to mention the thousands of names of streets, alleys, avenues, boulevards, and squares and bridges.

The Institute of national remembrance announced the names of 520 of the Communist leaders, which should not be on the map of Ukraine 06.10.2015

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