The Indian planes were designated for women only

Indian airline Air India has introduced special seats for women, to protect them from sexual harassment and violence. It is reported by BBC Russian.

Some domestic flights six front seats are initially reserved for women.

This decision was preceded by several instances of harassment to the passengers and crew members.

The airline thus wants to protect passengers travelling alone. A single woman can have this place at the reception at no extra charge.

Air India is considering the possibility in the future to expand the offer of places for women on other flights.

In December on the flight of Air India was a scandal: a man moved from business class to economy class to a lonely woman and began to touch her as she slept. The woman woke up and complained to the crew, as a result, the man was detained by police.

In January, he was arrested another passenger, who complained to the flight attendant.

In India for women already have separate trains and buses and in some cities even go pink motorickshaws, carrying only women.

Earlier, the South Korean airline Korean Air has allowed its flight attendants to freely use tasers to subdue violent passengers.

The Indian planes were designated for women only 18.01.2017

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