The independence of Catalonia is going to proclaim October 23 – media

The government of Catalonia on 23 October, intend to unilaterally declare independence from Madrid. This is with reference to own sources reports the Spanish newspaper El Models.

The procedure will happen the Declaration of independence, the sources do not know. The most likely way to call an extraordinary session of Parliament to «perform the current political situation».

The publication notes that on 23 October, 40 years ago in Catalonia returned one of the ideologists of the independence of the region Josep Tarradellas to discuss with the authorities of Madrid, the recovery of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The government of Catalonia declared that October 1 is the referendum, the secession of the region from Spain supported 90,18% of participants of plebiscite. Voter turnout was 43%.

On October 10, the deputies of the Catalan Parliament adopted a document on the independence of Catalonia. The text says that the authorities of Catalonia shall establish «the Catalan Republic as an independent and sovereign state».

The head of government autonomy Carles Putteman said that though Catalonia and won the right to independence, the formal Declaration of secession of the region from Spain should be postponed for a few weeks.

Pujdeme proposed to the Spanish government to negotiate the secession of Catalonia, but gave no clear answer, declared about the independence of the region.

Today, Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy announced that Madrid brings in the 155-th article of the Constitution that allows the Central government to take enforcement action for the implementation of Catalonia to its constitutional obligations.

In response, Putteman urged to collect the Catalan Parliament to discuss the measures taken by the Spanish government regarding the limitation of the autonomy of the region.

The independence of Catalonia is going to proclaim October 23 – media 22.10.2017

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