The increase in coal prices gosshaht indicates the start of the coal market in Ukraine – expert

The increase in the price of coal mined Ukrainian state-owned enterprises with 2 to 2,2 thousand UAH per ton from September 1 indicates the start of a real coal market in Ukraine.

This opinion was expressed by a member of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of energy strategies Yuri Korolchuk blog on the website «LIGABiznesInform».

«In practice, this step of the Ministry is a confirmation of the close relationship of cost of coal products in the global markets (API2, API4) and the cost of coal in Ukraine. It increases the price of coal in the same Rotterdam (API2), who have studied all the MPs and the media, it is also increasing the price of coal in the mines of our country. If Ukraine appeared on the world coal market and becomes a party to the import of transactions for the purchase of such coal (in South Africa, the USA, Poland), this means that the coal market in Ukraine is already working,» – said Korolchuk.

According to him, the Ministry minimized the gap in the price of coal between the external and internal market. In January 2017, the price of coal in Rotterdam (API2) cost with delivery to Ukraine about 2600 UAH, according to the method of calculating wholesale market prices (ORC) – 1800 UAH, and the cost of the Ministry was at the level of 1700 UAH. By September, the situation looks as follows: price in Rotterdam – 2370 UAH, according to the method of calculation of the CRC – 2113 UAH, the cost of Ministry – 2200 UAH.

«If you look at the cost of production of coal, there is the more you can see the rationale for the growth rates of Ukrainian coal. After all, the cost is still quite high: in January 2017 – 2347 UAH in may – 3163 UAH, by September – 2978 UAH,» – said Korolchuk.

He noted that prices in Ukraine will always have to reach for global markets. At the same time, the expert said, should not reject the possibilities of finding alternative sources of supply of coal, which will be at the price and caloric content to compete with the Ukrainian and African coal.

«Overall, the market is not perfect, but in conditions of permanent crisis, with imports and uncertainty in the supply of coal from Donbass this gives you the opportunity to function as mines and thermal power plants», – wrote the expert.

He stressed that as a result of the increase in the price of coal from state mines, the rise of electricity prices in Ukraine will not happen, because the last stage of the increase in electricity tariffs took place in April of this year.

On August 30, the Ministry of energy and coal industry of Ukraine adopted the decision to increase the cost of state coal from 2 to 2.2 thousand UAH per ton.

The justification States that the cost of coal increased due to the growth of prices in foreign markets. It is also noted that this decision will allow to neutralize threats to energy security of the country, that is, it should solve the problem of import of anthracite due to the increase in coal production at state mines.

The increase in coal prices gosshaht indicates the start of the coal market in Ukraine – expert 31.08.2017

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