The inauguration of the trump boycott 22 Congressman

At least 22 Democrat members of the U.S. Congress, said they would not attend the inauguration of newly elected President Donald trump.

It is reported «European true» with reference to the ABCnews.

«While some of them decided earlier in the week, few made it today (15 January), after the President-elect insulted the Republican John Lewisthat was the last straw,» the newspaper reports.

According to ABCnews, trump just jumped on the legendary member of the civil rights movement, Congressman Lewis, who said he considers trump «legitimate» since Russia helped him win the election.

It is reported that Lewis also stated that he would not attend the inauguration.

«Congressman John Lewis has to spend more time to help his constituency, which is in terrible condition and falling apart (not to mention crime), and not to complain about the election results. All talk — no action or results. Sad!» — trump wrote in his Twitter.

We will remind that inauguration of the President of the United States Donald trump is scheduled for January 20.

The inauguration of the trump boycott 22 Congressman 16.01.2017

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