The IMF expects the reduction in prices for gas in Ukraine in line with the market

The Ukrainian authorities have to adjust the price of natural gas on the domestic market to the level of import prices. UNIAN was told in the International monetary Fund.

According to IMF resident representative in Ukraine Jost of Longman, the final goal of the cooperation Fund and the Ukrainian government in this issue is the introduction of a free gas market.

«On the way to it is important to continue to adjust the price of gas in accordance with the price of imports», – said Longman.

He added that market prices for gas on the domestic market will stimulate the implementation of energy saving measures and promote the efficient allocation of resources. According to Ljungman thus gas sector will be able to cover expenses and to obtain funds for investment in gas infrastructure.

The IMF representative stressed that the price reform in the gas sector was «one of the greatest achievements» of Ukraine in recent years.

«It is important that the price was determined by the market, and the practice of hidden and non-income recipients of the grants are not renewed. It is worth while to note that under the current system of support for the population of households with the lowest incomes are protected from increases in gas prices, subsidies for communal services», – said Longman.

The latest Memorandum of cooperation between Ukraine and the IMF signed in March 2015, within four years, the Fund needs to provide Ukraine with $17.5 billion In the framework of this programme the Ukrainian government has already received four tranches totaling $8.7 billion.

In may 2017, the IMF said that for the completion of the revision of the program expect that the Ukrainian authorities ensure that parliamentary support land and pension reforms, anti-corruption bills and the intensification of the privatization process.

On 14 October, Finance Minister Alexander danyluk said that the «realistic» estimates the likelihood of the receipt of the next tranche before the end of 2017, but on October 26 the national Bank of Ukraine said that they expect receipt of funds no earlier than the first quarter of 2018.

The IMF expects the reduction in prices for gas in Ukraine in line with the market 18.12.2017

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