The house of representatives rejected the bill on anti-Russian sanctions

Representatives of the Republican party in Congress demanded a rewrite of a bill that expands sanctions against Russia, reports «Voice of America».

According to the newspaper, several influential senators and members of the house of representatives have supported that the draft law was submitted for approval to the entire Congress before the end of this week. However, contrary to expectations, the bill was stopped by the Republicans in the House of representatives.

The official reason for the suspension called a «technical error» made by the authors of the document.

«Voice of America» reminds that the negotiation process and eliminate errors, it took about a month, but last Friday, the Republicans have put forward a new requirement for the inclusion in the text of the bill mention of sanctions against North Korea.

In response, the Democrats suggested that their opponents intentionally delaying discussion of the bill, against the assertion which has been repeatedly made in the White house, the newspaper writes.

«This is not a serious proposal, this new tactics of delaying the process», – said the representative of the congressional Committee on foreign Affairs Eliot Engel.

As a result, the head of the Senate international Affairs Committee, Republican Bob Corker said he was ready to make a point about tough measures against North Korea in the sanctions bill if «it wants members of Congress.» When it can be submitted these changes, Corker refused to say.

On 15 June, the Senate passed a bill on new sanctions against Iran and Russia. The bill introduces restrictions against individuals and organizations that contribute to cyber attacks and are behind the provision of arms to the Syrian government. Sanctions can affect the mining, metallurgical, shipping and other sectors of the Russian economy. For final approval, the initiative should support the House of representatives, then the bill goes to the President for approval.

June 26, White house spokesman Sean Spicer said that the Senate had violated procedure during the adoption of the bill on strengthening sanctions pressure.

July 10, Director for legislative Affairs the White house mark Short said that the administration of Donald trump supports the introduction of new economic sanctions against Russia and Iraq, however, opposed restrictions on the authority of the President, which provides for the project.

The house of representatives rejected the bill on anti-Russian sanctions 16.07.2017

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