The history of the «Ukrainian saboteurs» FSB fabricates personal Affairs, «reservists» — Lysenko

The Ministry of defence reiterated that the reports of intelligence agencies of the Russian Federation on the «Ukrainian saboteurs» in the Crimea, are information provocation of Russian propaganda. This was stated on Monday, 21 November 2016, the speaker of the Ministry of defense for anti-terrorist operation Colonel Andrei Lysenko, commenting on the new arrest in the Crimea.

«Today we are witnessing the continuation of the series of false authorship of the Russian FSB called «everywhere you look, everywhere they are.» Next series — «the detention of Ukrainian scouts», citing its «Ukrainian truth».

According to Lysenko, it is the new technology of hybrid war that Russia is actively waging against Ukraine.

«In fact, the Russian security services are trying to discredit the Ukrainian military, which is now a very high level of trust in Ukrainian society. Secondly to accuse Ukraine of allegedly aggressive actions and show the alleged efficiency of the Russian special services,» — said the speaker of the ATO.

He recalled that the so-called detention «Ukrainian saboteurs» occur on the territory of the occupied Crimea.

«Why such a «success» of the FSB? The answer is very simple: on the territory of Crimea has left many ex-servicemen who have already left the service, came to the reserve, who reside with their families and do their business. Their personal Affairs remained in military commissariats, which are now also work», — said Lysenko.

«For any FSB, even if he experience 1 day of work, it is easy to get in, get personal matter of some hiding place and make him a «saboteur». So now we see the specific names. But what they are charged with, — never happened,» — said Lysenko.

Lysenko said that the Ukrainian military who are now serving, remain in their units and perform combat missions.
«Neither one of them no one was detained,» said the Colonel.

As reported, on 21 November it became known about the arrest in the occupied Crimea two people whom the Russian government is also called the «Ukrainian saboteurs».

Detained was Alexei Stogniy and Gleb Shabliy.

Stogniy, and illegally detained in the SIZO «Lefortovo» (Moscow) correspondent of the information Agency «UKRINFORM» Roman Sushchenko, the FSB called «the Colonel» Ukrainian military intelligence.

In court, controlled by the Russian occupation authorities, allegedly established contact with the three detainees are now informed Ukraine detained previously (group of Dmitry Sterlikova).

This is already the fourth group of «saboteurs» from mainland Ukraine detained since the beginning of the Russian invasion. The first was the film Director Oleg Sentsov and others.

The history of the «Ukrainian saboteurs» FSB fabricates personal Affairs, «reservists» — Lysenko 21.11.2016

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