The head of the UGCC said that the Greek Catholics feel betrayed by the Vatican

In the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is skeptical about the meeting of Pope Francis with the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Kirill.

About it the head of the UGCC his Beatitude Sviatoslav (Shevchuk) said in an interview to the press service of the UGCC.

«Of course, this text has caused deep disappointment among many of the faithful of our churches and simply not indifferent citizens of Ukraine», — said Shevchuk final Declaration signed at the meeting in Havana.

«Today, many have approached me about this and said feel betrayed by the Vatican, disappointed by the incompleteness of truth in this document and even indirect support from the papacy of aggression of Russia against Ukraine. Of course, I understand those feelings,» said Shevchuk.

The status of the UGCC, which is subordinate to the Vatican, but mainly sticks to the Eastern rite, remains an acute issue in relations between the Roman Catholic Church and the Moscow Patriarchate.

In the joint Declaration of Church leaders have expressed hope that their meeting will contribute to reconciliation in areas where there are contradictions between Greek Catholics and Orthodox. In the opinion of the Pope and the Patriarch, past methods «Uniatism» are not by restoring unity, but the Church community, which was the result of historical circumstances, have the right to exist.

«From our years of experience we can say: when the Vatican and Moscow organizovyvayut meetings or sign any General texts, we should not expect anything good from this», — said Shevchuk.

According to the leader of the UGCC, the points in a joint statement, the two Church leaders on Ukraine, cause he’s got more questions than answers: in particular, in the 26th paragraph, where the Patriarch and the Pope calls on all parties to the conflict to prudence, social solidarity and active peacemaking.

«One gets the impression that the Moscow Patriarchate is not recognized or hard that is a party to the conflict, that is, openly supported the aggression of Russia against Ukraine […] or refers primarily to his conscience, calls upon itself to prudence, social solidarity and active peace-building», — said the head of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholics.

We will remind, on Friday, February 12, the leaders of the two major branches of world Christianity met in Cuba, which became the first meeting of its kind since the XI century, when Christianity split into Eastern and Western.

The head of the UGCC said that the Greek Catholics feel betrayed by the Vatican 14.02.2016

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