The head of the Odessa regional state administration is gaining new people into the state and create 10 offices

Large-scale personnel changes are coming in the Odessa regional state administration. As promised even before the official appointment, the new Chairman of regional state administration Maxim Stepanov addressing the problems of skills shortages and has already signed three orders, increasing the number of people in the state administration, to disband some units and the creation of new, reports «Today».

If the predecessor Stepanova , Mikhail Saakashvili, first began to reduce the number of officials, it is, on the contrary, one of his first orders have increased the number of RSA on 89 people — to 528. A few days later the new head of the region signed a document on the establishment of 10 new departments, including the Department of planning and architecture and capital construction, which the previous Chapter combined in one.

According to the document, again divided into two departments, the Department of health and social policy and restore the office of communication and public relations sector for the prevention and detection of corruption, which eliminated the team of reformers.

In addition, create two new departments: tourism, recreation and resorts, as well as coordination of administrative services and information. «The execution of the order and I will personally supervise,» said the Governor.

There were also those units which decided to give up. Thus, the new head was instructed to cut the Department of internal and information policy, citizens and the Protocol, and the state awards. Their functions will transfer to other departments, and eliminate 18 positions. But there will be six seats for secretaries of the head.

Political analysts have different opinions of this approach Stepanova to the management of the area. Some experts believe that without such changes necessary. «The previous Governor was greatly reduced staff, than has complicated the work of officials. Now it will be more satisfactory,» said political analyst Leonid Duz. It supports the analyst Gennady Chizhov. «Previously, 30% of the positions occupied by the volunteers who knew nothing about their work. There is a great amount of papers, — says the expert. So the extension of the state of qualified workers just need to work.»

But the analyst Yaroslav Catholic believes that a personnel policy has two sides. «Very good, that has divided the departments of social policy and health, because there really sags the subsidies problem and they need more staff,» — says the Catholic.

But such a sharp increase in the state, according to the expert, is a step back for the whole region. «The number of employees under Saakashvili was not optimal, but this does not mean that you have to cancel all decisions, only to return to the days when Stepanov was convenient to work», — the expert said and stressed that it raises questions that increase the number of employees in various departments.

Until the new Governor is busy with the reorganisation of work and increase of employees of RSA, about ten district administrations in the region remain without leaders. According to political analysts, now the Governor not to contest for these positions, as the winners will not have time to «swinging» and «understanding» in problem areas.

«While the Governor will put on these posts acting who already know the specific areas and will be able to quickly solve problems. Then in six months will gradually hold contests for the position of leaders,» said political analyst Gennady Chizhov.

The head of the Odessa regional state administration is gaining new people into the state and create 10 offices 31.01.2017

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