The head of the Navy of Argentina has sent in the resignation after the loss of the submarine San Juan

The head of the naval forces of Argentina, Marcelo Crura dismissed after an unsuccessful search for the missing Argentine submarine San Juan, reports the BBC.

The corresponding decision on 15 December was attended by defense Minister of Argentina Oscar Aguada.

Admiral Srur was appointed by the President of Argentina Mauricio Macri in January 2016.

Relatives of the crew believe the dismissal of the head of the country’s Navy attempt by the authorities to divert attention from mistakes made in the search for submarines, the newspaper notes. They also persuaded the government to continue the search for San Juan. By decision of the President, Macri established a special independent Commission for the investigation of the disappearance of the submarine.

The head of the defense Ministry of Argentina announced that the Commission will have an unlimited budget, and its investigation will be as transparent as possible.

The Commission included the father of one of the crew members missing submarine.

About the loss of the San Juan, on Board of which there were 44 people in the Navy of Argentina reported November 17. The submarine was from the port of Ushuaia in the port of Mar del Plata in the Central region of the country.

19 Nov Navy of Argentina has announced that it has received seven signals from the submarine. They lasted from four to 36 seconds. Contact could not be established.

On 22 November, the newspaper Clarin wrote that the U.S. air force plane during the search for the Argentine submarine found a large «metal object».

23 November, the representative of naval forces of the country Enrique Balbi said that in the area of the disappearance of the Argentine submarine San Juan recorded «abnormal, non-nuclear, powerful, and short.»

December 1, Argentina has stopped the operation to rescue the 44 missing sailors of the submarine San Juan and the beginning of operation on search of the submarine.

San Juan built in Germany, the Navy of Argentina, the submarine entered in 1985. Length diesel submarines reaches 66 meters, it can reach speeds up to 25 knots. The ship may be under water up to two days, not rising to the surface.

The head of the Navy of Argentina has sent in the resignation after the loss of the submarine San Juan 17.12.2017

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