The head of the NACP Mangul said that the new verification system of electronic declarations will test in may

Elected Chairman of the National Agency of Ukraine on corruption prevention (NACP) Olexander Mangul, told reporters that the new control system of electronic declarations will test in may. His briefing on 28 March was broadcast channel «112 Ukraine».

The question of when NACP will check e-officials of the Declaration in full, instead of 90 per year from 1.5 million, Mangul said that «this is a real problem.»

«In about a month, at the end of April, the expected modified development Program United Nations module, which will allow us to test the public part of the 1.5 million returns filed in 2016, in parallel, we address issues of access to registers. There is a corresponding decision of the Cabinet, which instructed the relevant state bodies that are holders of these registers, to ensure appropriate protection,» said Mangul.

According to him, there are also registries, the holder of which is the Ministry of justice of Ukraine and their use is governed solely by the law.

«The bill is. That is, in this process there are several factors you Expect from the month of may we will pilot test that we receive from UNDP, this module», – said the head of the NACP.

The Cabinet of Ministers established the National Agency for prevention of corruption in March 2015.

The Agency is inter alia engaged in the analysis of electronic declarations of income of civil servants. The introduction of electronic Declaration was one of the requirements of the European Union to implement visa-free regime with Ukraine.

In April 2017, the head of the Department Natalia Korchak in interview the Internet-to the edition «GORDON» said that the Department that handles verification of electronic declarations, employs 56 people, and the base declarants expanded to 1.5 million

The head of delegation of European Union to Ukraine Hugues Mingarelli said in January 2018 and that the NACP needs to be restarted because it is unable to carry out its functions.

At the Cabinet meeting on 29 March 2017 by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman advised Korczak to resign, criticizing her for failing to organize the work of the service of electronic declarations. Korczak refused to voluntarily leave the post. April 7 members of the NACP are unable to vote for her resignation.

NACP elected Mangul Chairman for two years instead resign Natalia Korchak March 28, 2018.

He was born in Zaporozhye, from 2000 to 2013 he worked in the Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine, was also head of the Melitopol district state administration of Zaporozhye region in 2015. The competitive Commission chose a member of the NACP in December 2017.

The head of the NACP Mangul said that the new verification system of electronic declarations will test in may 28.03.2018

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