The head of the NABOO: the case Martynenko very complicated, but the conclusion is not far off

National anti-corruption Bureau is preparing soon to make a final decision in criminal proceedings, which featured former MP of the faction «people’s front» Mykola Martynenko. This was stated by the Director of NABU Sytnyk in an interview to «5 channel».

He assured that the anti-corruption Bureau «forgot» about Martynenko, moreover, that «about this case ever ask.»

«I can only say one thing: it is extremely difficult not only in terms of the complexity of investigations, and also in part to the fact that a lot of international priporoceni in this case. The scheme is very intricate, and actually we sent this case to the international legal order in eight countries. Not all countries in good faith and quickly perform these tasks,» he complained Sytnik.

«If we are talking about Latvia, then it is fast enough, and with the Latvian colleagues we have such a good relationship. If to speak about the Austrian colleagues, there’s much worse situation,» he added.

At the same time, the head of the NABU shows «cautious optimism» on the issue: «we actually all gathered, and knowing the expectations from the case, knowing that we took responsibility for this case, I think it’s safe to say now that I do, and the anti-corruption Prosecutor nazara Holodnitsky there is a shared vision that we developed».

«In the near future the final decision, which we know that society is waiting for a response on this matter… We are aware of our responsibility in this matter. And now we are ready to take a final decision», – said Sytnik.

According to him, the criminal scheme is liquidated:

«We can say that the scheme no longer. This is after the fact we’re investigating what was done.»

According to rush, in fact there is no evidence that Martynenko earns the state budget of Ukraine now.

At the same time, the head of the NAB stresses that «to predict the decision of the courts very difficult.»

«The judicial system is, in principle, not quite ready for the stuff we sent, so we now have consistently emphasized the necessity of creating an anti-corruption court,» — said Sytnik.

As reported, the National anti-corruption Bureau is conducting an investigation on the fact of receiving bribes in the amount of 30 million francs in the purchase of NAEC «Energoatom» of equipment from a Czech joint stock company Skoda JS.

The head of the NABOO: the case Martynenko very complicated, but the conclusion is not far off 11.01.2017

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