The head of the British foreign office believes the cause of the migration crisis in the EU Russia’s actions in Syria

The Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain Philip Hammond stated that decision of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on Syria prevents the end of the civil war in this country to aspire to an international coalition, reports with reference to Reuters. In addition, according to the politician, Russian air strikes terrorize the Syrian population and encourage people to seek asylum in Europe.

«Since the beginning of the Russian operation in Syria the number of people living in makeshift camps of migrants willing to return home, reduced to zero. At the same time in Europe there is a new influx of refugees because of the actions of Russians, especially from the southern part of Syria,» — said Hammond.

The head of the British Foreign Ministry also said that Russian air strikes have an effect opposite to that alleged by Moscow. «To understand the true plan of the Kremlin it is impossible. I’ve learned one thing: no matter how closely you watch Putin, you will not be able to see everything. In Russia, all decisions are taken personally, and it all depends on what Putin has in mind,» said Hammond.

«I was very upset, as Russia frustrated the efforts of the coalition. The Russians say «let’s discuss» and then they discuss, discuss and discuss again. The problem is that while they are discussing, and they continue bombing,» he said, adding that less than 30 percent of Russian air strikes hit militant positions «Islamic state».

Answering a reporter’s question about the benefits of Iran in resolving the Syrian conflict, he said that help from them more than from Russia. «Both countries are committed to the current regime, and Iran is interested in maintaining the regime no less than Russia,» he concluded.

Note that Hammond and earlier negative comments about the actions of Russia on the world stage. In particular, last summer he called extremely alarming «hostile» actions of the Russian army. Then he said: «We must send a clear signal to Russia that we wouldn’t let her cross the line». In addition, Hammond took the side of Turkey in the situation with the downed Russian bomber over the Turkish-Syrian border.

It is worth Recalling that in November 2015 the President of the European Council Donald Tusk also said that Russia’s military actions in Syria are the cause of the migrant crisis in Europe. Tusk has accused Russia that its aerospace forces are not jihadists, and civilians in Syria and the moderate opposition. This, he believes, and caused a powerful avalanche of refugees in the country

The head of the British foreign office believes the cause of the migration crisis in the EU Russia’s actions in Syria 02.02.2016

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