The head of Gosnautilus said that the scanning of the organizers of «Eurovision 2017» not found systemic violations

The inspectors found systemic violations and abuses in the organization of the song contest «Eurovision 2017». This was stated at a briefing on 25 October, the Chairman of Gosnautilus Lydia Gavrilova the audit of the National public broadcasting company of Ukraine (NOTE), reports «UKRINFORM».

«The state audit service when holding control activities was not found any systematic violations of the law or abuse who would testify about the embezzlement of public funds in the conduct of the song contest», she said.

NOTE not managed to completely avoid inefficient or illegal expenditures, but the company, which overstated the value or volume of services, have already returned the money to the accounts, said Gavrilov. Part of the violations for overstating the value of services provided for cleaning, loading and unloading of technical equipment, as well as road transport.

«This is a violation that can always be. However, all of these violations amount to $ 8.6 million. We understand that the NOTE takes measures to all companies that exceeded the cost of, volume of works or services, returned the funds to her account», – said the head of Gosnautilus.

Previously announced Department the amount 468,7 million UAH for the rules of accounting, she added.

«It is a violation of accounting. For example, not reflection in accounts payable – how the non-discharge of rights of ownership of the video. Was also conducted business operations purchasing procedures – 85 procedures – non-compliance with individual standards for the design and procurement… Today, unfortunately, the media exaggerated the theme that the loss, theft, abuse. No, it is a violation of accounting and violation of the legislation of procurement for the design and conduct of proceedings», – said Gavrilov.

She said the materials of audit are transferred to law enforcement agencies and the Cabinet.

«October 4, we transferred the materials of the National police of Ukraine. The results of audit are informed the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Prime Minister personally, because the audit was conducted with his support and he was the initiator they are objective and impartial control over the use of these funds», – said the head of Department.

Gavrilova focused on the fact that auditors perform the audit impartially.

«For us as citizens song contest was our national pride, we were proud of the way he was beautifully and perfectly done. And was not the understandable reaction of officials NOTE that raised a bit of noise on the results of our work,» she said.

Song contest «Eurovision 2017» was held in Kyiv from 9 to 13 may 2017. The victory was won by the representative of Portugal El Salvador Together with the song Amar Pelos Dois.

12 may Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman said that after the «Eurovision 2017» will insist on the inspection of spending of public funds.

The head of Gosnautilus said that the scanning of the organizers of «Eurovision 2017» not found systemic violations 25.10.2017

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