The guards ignore the illegal entry of artists of the Russian Federation in Ukraine — Gerashchenko

Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko says that the Border service responded with a formal reply to the request regarding examination of the likely entry into Ukraine of artists of the Russian Federation, which illegally acted in Crimea. She announced this on Friday during the hour of questions to government in Parliament, referring to the interior Ministry and the foreign Ministry, reports «Ukrainian truth».

She said that some Russian artists are illegally in Crimea, and then go to concerts in Kiev. Moreover, to enter Ukraine persons who were observers on the so-called «primaries» in the occupied territories of Donbass. On this occasion, she sent a request to the security service and the Border service.

«And you know what I got from the Border guard service, simply amazing actually, because it says the following – due to the fact that you, MS Gerashchenko and other deputies did not indicate the date of birth of these «labuhov» or those people who are suspected of illegal violation of border of Ukraine to participate in these «primaries» and that you did not specify the names of these «labuhov» Latin transcription, we won’t check them in the database», – she was indignant.

Also Gerashchenko said that so far not opened a criminal case against Russian propagandist Graham Phillips, who is in a «grey zone» mocked Vladimir Zhemchugova in September during its transfer from the captivity of militants the Ukrainian side.

In response, the representative of the foreign Ministry promised to consider this question. She admitted that it is a «bureaucratic mistake.»

In turn Geraschenko asked not to send another reply about this, but really to protect the borders and to create a special group in the government.

«If a singer or circus performer sang in the Crimea, she was not allowed to sing in the Palace «Ukraine». You just need to follow the laws of Ukraine», – said Gerashchenko.

The guards ignore the illegal entry of artists of the Russian Federation in Ukraine — Gerashchenko 04.11.2016

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