The guards drove the saboteurs in the area of Pischevik under Mariupol

On Thursday evening, February 4th, the guards drove the sabotage-reconnaissance group of militants in the area of Pischevik under Mariupol. About it reports a press-state frontier service service.

«Around 21:30 the fighters in the direction of KPVV n Aleksandrovka carried out provocative shelling out AGS-17. Grenades exploded near the checkpoint. Victims among frontier guards aren’t present», — is told in the message.

«Besides, border guards of Donetsk detachment found the enemy saboteurs. The movement of DRG border guards noticed at about 21:00 with a portable thermal imaging device in the area of Pischevik. A group of mercenaries to up to 5 people on his way to the positions of Ukrainian servicemen,» — said in the message.

«The information was immediately brought to the military, small arms fire forced the enemy to turn back. While retreating, the saboteurs opened fire. None of Ukrainian defenders was not injured», — added in Department.

We will remind, in Kiev late in the evening of 9 December as a result of the special operation of the SBU had neutralized a sabotage group. According to intelligence agencies, among the detained members of the DRG were three Russians, four Ukrainians and one citizen of Ukraine was liquidated in detention. At the same time during the RAID killed one employee of special forces «alpha» Kuzmenko, another one was injured.

The guards drove the saboteurs in the area of Pischevik under Mariupol 05.02.2016

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