The Groisman approved the concept of reforming the healthcare

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the concept of reforming of the health sector and a number of regulations for its implementation. The decision was taken at a government meeting on Wednesday, 30 November 2016, reports UNIAN.

«The decision was made,» — said Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman.

Before making the decision, the Deputy health Minister Pavlo Kovtonyuk noted that the concept provides for gradual introduction in Ukraine of the system of medical insurance.

«Because health is not only about illnesses, about the quality of medical services. However, unfortunately, our system today is a source of financial disaster,» he said.

According to the Kovtonyuk, to resolve this issue is possible only through the introduction of health insurance.

«What is the solution for this problem? This is a national health insurance system, where means of our that we pay as taxpayers for the services for each of us. Our concept offers a model of such a system and phased way, as it can be in Ukraine is to implement,» said Kovtonyuk.

The Ministry of health noted that the concept establishes the national solidarity model of health insurance that will cover 100% of the citizens. According to the concept, fees, insurance contributions will be made through the General taxation system and will be collected in the state budget. Insurance payments for treatment of the individual will not be linked to the size of his individual contributions. To regulate the relationship between doctor and patient will be a single national customer who will plan and buy health services for the citizens, will directly contract the medical institution, to assess and monitor the quality of services to support the electronic collection and exchange of health information.

The state also introduced the concept of a guaranteed package of health care. We are talking about a clearly defined set of medical services and medicines, the right to receive which will have all, without exception, the citizens of Ukraine. A guaranteed package of care will be reviewed annually and published.

The process of transition to the new funding model of the industry will be gradual and will last for 3 years with a final introduction in 2020.

The concept comes into force since its approval by the Cabinet of Ministers and before the end of this year, the Ministry of health should develop an action plan for its implementation.

As reported, the transition to insurance medicine in Ukraine is planned for next 2017.

The Groisman approved the concept of reforming the healthcare 01.12.2016

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