The GPU is going to condemn to a lifetime of four «protectorates», who participated in the Mukachevo events. One of them announced a hunger strike

The main investigation Department of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine jointly with the Department of procedural guidance of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine on 24 June 2016 completed pre-trial investigation and sent to court the indictment on the four CDF representatives of the DUK «Right sector», which for 2014-2015 as part of the gang committed a number of serious and particularly serious crimes, including 11 July 2015 — terrorist attack in the city of Mukachevo, which caused the death of the person and other offences on the territory of Lviv and Transcarpathian regions.

This is the official page of the GPU.

Actions suspects qualified on signs of the criminal offenses provided by part 2 of article 121, part 2, article 125, part 2 scatino 129, part 2, article 194, article 257, part 2, 3 of article 258, parts 1, 2 of article 263, part 1 of article 279 ; part 4 of article 345 of the criminal code of Ukraine, namely:

— a terrorist act committed on preliminary arrangement by group of persons to violate public security, intimidate the population and to draw public attention to his political views, with the use of weapons associated with the Commission of explosions and other actions that endanger life or health I am human and led to the death of a person and causing significant material damage and other grave consequences, including serious bodily injury to a person;

— threats of murder, use of firearms and explosive devices, testified to the real reason to fear the realization of threats;

— blocking of transport communications by the overlap of vehicles and armed individuals, which broke normal work of transport and has created a real danger to human life again;

intentional infliction of light and grave bodily injuries to law enforcement officers in connection with the performance of their duties, as well as death threats against workers in connection with the performance of their duties, again;

— deliberate destruction and damage of property by explosion, and other common dangerous ways, causing property damage in especially large sizes and resulted in other serious consequences;

— acquisition, possession and storage of firearms, ammunition and explosive devices, and carrying of bladed weapons without lawful authority;

wilfully causing a group of persons, grievous bodily harm, to intimidate the victim and other persons;

— intentional infliction of minor bodily harm causing short-term health disorder and a slight disability to the victims

Another five suspected gang members who are wanted, the pre-trial investigation continues.

«For the most serious crimes provides for criminal liability to life imprisonment and deprivation of liberty for a term up to 15 years with confiscation of property», — reported in GPU.

As specified in the PS, in this case arrested Roman Munchak, Sergey Deyak, Vladimir Burch and Rodion Gorbenko.

Munchak, and Deyak six months were kept in separate chambers of the Kiev prison SBU, Burch and Gorbenko — detained in the Transcarpathian regional hospital. Now all four are in Lukyanovka jail.

June 13 this year, the volunteer-soldier, father of two children, Munchak announced a dry hunger strike in protest.

We will remind, in the search together with their people is still novel V. Front (call sign «Honest»), calling itself the «battalion commander of the 1st Transcarpathian battalion of the Ukrainian Volunteer corps (DUK) and claiming that fighting in the area ATO, creating kontrdiversionnoy unit «Sonechko».

The «Right sector» denied from the Stand, calling him a professional provocateur from the interior Ministry and SBU.

During the street fighting in July 2015, when Mukachevo «protectorates», arriving at a meeting with MP Michael Lano («the will of the people»), was in the thick of the police environment, they lost two of their fighters and retreated into the mountains.

Also from a shot to the head killed a local resident, who was in the SS called a «guard» Lano.

The GPU is going to condemn to a lifetime of four «protectorates», who participated in the Mukachevo events. One of them announced a hunger strike 28.06.2016

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