The GPU caused Makhnitsky for questioning

The Prosecutor General’s office summoned former Prosecutor General Oleg Makhnitsky as a witness. This is stated in the message of the GPU, Thursday, February 25.

The report notes that the Department for investigation of crimes committed by employees of bodies of Prosecutor’s office investigates criminal proceedings on the facts of excess by officials of the Prosecutor General office, than was prevented from conducting pre-trial investigation to counter protest actions.

The GPU States that calls the witness in the said criminal proceedings the former acting Prosecutor General Makhnitsky, but the systematic challenges to the investigator.

In the period from December 2015 — February 2016 the criminal investigation was carried out phone calls to the number that was in use Makhnitsky, to invite him for questioning as a witness in the above criminal proceedings, but in the course of these calls found that this number the mobile operator is not in service.

With the help of postal services, by registered priority letters sent subpoenas Magnicomp the addresses of his residence in Lviv and Kyiv, however, the agenda returned to the state office of public Prosecutor in connection with the fact that the recipient at the address does not reside.

Makhnitsky, in accordance with the requirements of article 133, 135 criminal procedure code of Ukraine, called to the senior investigator for particularly important cases of the Main investigation Department of the Prosecutor General Kosuri at the address: m. Kyiv, street Borisoglebskaya, 18, KAB. No. 508, for questioning as a witness in the criminal proceedings on signs of the criminal offense under part 3 St. 365 criminal code of Ukraine.

The GPU caused Makhnitsky for questioning 25.02.2016

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