The GPU can disturb jurisdiction in Grechkovskogo lawyer

Criminal proceedings against a member of the High Council of justice (now the Supreme Council of justice) Paul Grechkovskogo not yet submitted to the court, which may indicate the intention of the General Prosecutor’s office to disturb the jurisdiction of the case.

This opinion was expressed lawyer Grechkovskogo Igor Cherezov blog «Why is the case of a member of VSP Grechkovskogo still not in court,» published on the website «LIGABiznesInform».

«After several false starts, when with the beginning of the year, different speakers of the GPU to publicly announce a quick transfer of this highly touted of the case to the court, there was a suspicious pause,» he said.

Tcherezov recalled that in early August Gretkowska personally delivered a copy of the indictment directly to the house, and the Prosecutor’s office insisted that this was done to speed up the transfer of the case to the court.

The lawyer, Recalling the provisions of the Criminal procedure CODESA of Ukraine, stressed that the rule of «territorial binding» the court spelled out directly – the possibility of choice of court for the Prosecutor’s office is not provided.

«At the stage of pre-trial investigation, the Prosecutor knew that to demand 12 million of collateral with Grechkovskogo need in the Pechersk district court. And eight months of pre-trial investigation it was clear as day that the investigating judge of Pechersk district court, it must extend the duration of the investigation. What has changed so dramatically in this case that it has not got to the Pechersk court?» – the lawyer asked.

He suggested that the Prosecutor seeks judicial authority on which to exert pressure.

«I will make a subjective conclusion. In this (the crypt) court of the GPU is not feeling confident. Seeking a more comfortable, controllable. Matter how crazy it may sound. Exactly the Pechersky court was obliged to open criminal case under several articles of the Criminal code against law enforcement officers and other persons involved in the opening of the case against Grechkovskogo. It is this court obliged to admit the victims Grechkovskogo and the second defendant in this case. This is not the «bad», the court for prosecution», – said Ivan.

He also said that the Pechersk district court during pre-trial investigations has decided to reduce the amount of Deposit for Grechkovskogo from 12 to 4 million UAH.

Tcherezov believes that the prosecution is not ready to report the case to an impartial judicial review and is afraid of publicity in the process.

«It was the only high-profile case of all, which at the stage of preventive measure passed in the closed mode. The petition was filed by the prosecution, and the crowd of journalists was forced to leave the room, they were sensational things,» he wrote.

According to counsel Grechkovskogo, this position of the Prosecutor’s office indicates the nature of the proceedings against the member the www.

«We hope that the case will be heard in court (choice of court and will comply with the requirements of the CPC), there will be many wanting to see the truth in online regime», – said Ivan.

Criminal proceedings against a member of the High Council of justice Pavel Grechkovskogo opened by the General Prosecutor’s office in August of 2016. Pre-trial investigation was completed in may 2017. On 8 August the Prosecutor’s office presented Gretkowska indictment.

The GPU can disturb jurisdiction in Grechkovskogo lawyer 29.08.2017

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