The government takes out of 244 state-owned print media

The Cabinet of Ministers approved a list of 244 printed media and editorial offices, which are subject to privatization. This decision was taken at a government meeting on Wednesday, November 23, writes «Ukrainian truth».

Press Secretary of Prime Minister Dmitry Stolyarchuk on his page in Facebook wrote: «the Government made a step towards denationalization of printed media».

«The goal of the reform is to deprive the media of state influence and to make them interesting and informative», — he wrote.

According to him, 244 publications expressed a desire to participate in the first stage of the reform.

More than half of public media in the country.

Recall, edited the law «On reforming state and communal printed mass media» the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed 26 December 2015. The previous version was vetoed them due to the fact that «the law does not provide for the obligation of a reformed state and communal printed mass media on the preservation of the language of publication. With this approach, there is a risk of reducing the number of publications in the state language. In the information aggression, the protection of the linguistic and information space of Ukraine acquire a special importance.»

The government takes out of 244 state-owned print media 23.11.2016

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