The government of Ukraine abolished the Soviet sanitary norms

The Cabinet invalidated and such that are not applied on the territory of Ukraine, acts of the sanitary legislation issued by the government of the Ukrainian SSR and the USSR.

This is in accordance with order No. 94-R dated 20 January 2016, published on the government website, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

According to the document, abrogated sanitary, sanitary-hygienic, sanitary-anti-epidemic, sanitary-hygienic, anti-epidemic, hygienic rules and norms, state sanitary-and-epidemiologic regulations and sanitary regulations.

The decree comes into force from 1 January 2017.

As explained by the acting head of the State sanitary-epidemiological service of Ukraine Sviatoslav Protas, the above mentioned decree repealed the sanitary norms of the USSR, which had been adopted until 1991.

«The system of sanitary regulation was highly regulated, and most acts of the former USSR today is irrelevant and unnecessary. For example, such acts that regulate the procedure for issuing soap for miners, issued in 1923 year, or such acts as the sanitary requirements for farm markets, or sanitary requirements for public toilets in the cities separately and separately in rural areas, and so forth,» said Protas.

However, according to him, most of the sanitary acts which are necessary to protect the health of the population currently continue to operate.

Recall that in late 2015 the Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine issued the decrees on the abolition developed until 1992 12 776 state Standards, the majority of which will expire in early 2018.

The government of Ukraine abolished the Soviet sanitary norms 23.02.2016

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