The government of France wants to continue a state of emergency for another three months

The French Parliament received a proposal of the Cabinet of Ministers, which seeks to extend state of emergency (state of emergency) for another three months.

The state of emergency was introduced after the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13. Deputies will decide whether to approve the extension of state of emergency, while human rights defenders, including Amnesty International, consider such a move a threat to democracy, according to DW.

«The terrorist threat is still very high. A state of emergency is necessary. It has shown his favor and must be prolonged», — quotes Agency AP government representative Stephane Le Foll.

Hapanim that the accident already once extended up to 26 February. Thanks to the introduction of state of emergency the police had the right to arrest and searches, as well as a ban on the movement of people and vehicles in certain places. Another government proposal to allow security forces to use weapons «to neutralise those who committed one or more murders and may to repeat them».

During the emergency, the French police conducted raids 3289, 571 started the investigation — mostly for possession of drugs or weapons. On 30 January in Paris held a protest March against the emergency.


13 November 2015 in a series of terrorist attacks in Paris, killing 130 people, about 400 people were injured.

Islamists staged a massacre in the concert hall, blew up a bomb in the football stadium, shot the visitors several restaurants. At the Stad de France stadium at two different entrances blew himself up suicide bombers, was also bombed. The deadliest episode was the massacre at a rock concert in the Bataclan club, where four men in black were shot about a hundred people.

Responsibility for the attacks was assumed by the terrorist group «Islamic state».

According to French authorities, a series of terrorist attacks was attended by eight criminals. Six of the bombers blew himself up, another terrorist was shot dead by police. The eighth of the Paris terrorists are looking for in several European countries.

The President of France declared a state of emergency, intensified controls at the borders of the country. France had declared three days of mourning.

November 16, Hollande made an urgent appeal to Parliament. He suggested to change the Constitution of the country and strengthen operations in Syria.

Attacks killed nationals of 11 countries, two more countries have declared their wounded. Ukrainians among victims were not.

Worldwide solidarity with the French people expressed coming with candles, flowers and notes to diplomatic missions in the country. And official institutions and landmarks around the world turned the colors of the French flag.

We will remind also that on January 7, 2015, terrorists shot the editor of the Parisian magazine Charlie Hebdo, which posted the cartoons of the prophet Muhammad. Victims of the attacks were 12 people.

A June 26 attack occurred at the plant in Saint-Quentin-Flavie. One person died and several were injured.

The government of France wants to continue a state of emergency for another three months 04.02.2016

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