The government of Colombia and FARC rebels concluded a peace Treaty after 50 years of war

Negotiate an end to the military conflict between the Colombian government and the group, the Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia (FARC or FARC) has successfully come to an end. This is stated in the published August 24, a joint official report by the government of Colombia and the FARC, reports

«The government delegation and the FARC claim that came to a final, comprehensive and final agreement ending the conflict and building a stable and lasting peace in Colombia,» the document quoted by TASS.

The parties signed the final agreement «the implementation of which would end more than 50 years of armed conflict.» The document was signed by head of the delegation of the Colombian government, Humberto de La Calle and FARC delegation head Ivan Marquez.

The final agreement consists of six items, which aimed at creating the foundations of a peaceful and lasting peace. The first paragraph contains arrangements of the»General agricultural reforms», the results of which should be structural changes in agriculture and the reduction of the gap between the countryside and cities.

The second paragraph of «Participation in political life» tells about the refusal of the parties from violence as a means of achieving political goals.

In the third paragraph of the»ceasefire» refers to final cessation of fire and hostilities between the Armed forces and the FARC.

The fourth paragraph of «solving the drug problem» implies that the creation of the world is necessary to solve the problem of illegal production and sale of drugs.

Fifth paragraph — «the victims of the conflict» — says that reparation to victims of conflict is a Central part of the contract.

The agreement also creates a Commission that includes members of the government and the FARC, which aims to track the performance of the agreement.

Confrontation between Colombian authorities and left-wing extremists from the FARC — the longest time the conflict between the government and rebels in the history of the Western hemisphere. The FARC («Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia) appeared in 1966, amid the discontent of the inhabitants of the country’s social inequality. The victims of the conflict, according to rough estimates, steel 220 thousand people. About seven million have no roof over your head.

The government of Colombia and FARC rebels concluded a peace Treaty after 50 years of war 25.08.2016

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