The government has no plans to raise the retirement age — Reva

Raising the retirement age could become an effective mechanism cover 145 billion USD deficit of the Pension Fund, but it is not in the government action plan. In an interview with the «Economic truth», said the Minister of social policy Andrei Reva.

He cited the examples of neighbouring countries increased the retirement age: Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Germany. Such a step, he said, would annually reduce the number of pensioners on 300 thousand, which would mean savings of 6,840 billion USD per year. Thus it would be possible for 5 years to actually seal off the entire deficit of the Pension Fund.

However, he stressed that the government is not considering this step because it is unacceptable for society and Parliament.

«And when we talk about raising the retirement age, we must understand that this is an extreme measure to be resorted to when the situation is really an emergency,» said Reva.

As the Ministry has no plans to raise back the rate of ERUs.

«Who are we then to be taken seriously? What kind of stability of the tax system and the investment can be a speech?», the Minister noted.

Thus the government considers as a priority instrument for covering Pension Fund deficit, the increase in the number of payers of single social contribution. First of all, by reducing the categories that are exempted from the payment of the contribution.

«We have 6 million employees do not pay SSC. For example, from 2.5 million agricultural workers (this individual agriculture) voluntarily pay ERUs 12 477 people. Tell me, please, and retired all of them will be? Here I worked as a Minister, I pay ERUs, ERUs pays the doctor, the master pays the ERUs, ERUs pays the officer, the driver of the trolleybus pays ERUs. Why did the peasants not paying ERUs? Is that fair? Is this correct? No. Therefore, probably, the first thing we should do (this applies to all employees who do not pay the ECB), we should put a requirement that ERUs are paying everything,» said Reva.

He added that also do not pay ERUs workers of the service sector: housewife, governess. Overall — 160 thousand workers. It is also necessary to withdraw from the shadows 10 million officially not working.

Reva added that the Ministry of social policy plans to revise the list of professions that are harmful to people’s health and give grounds for early retirement, RBC.

«When Yanukovych was passed the list 1 and 2 «bad» professions. We will revise it and leave really harmful work, which really harm the health of people and really give grounds for early retirement,» said Reva.

According to the Minister, all need to take stock that people not post fell into an early retirement, namely for health reasons. In this regard he gave the example of the Director of mines and miners who have equal rights in this respect.

«Shakhtar worked and retired because he can no longer work. And the Director of the mine received the right to early exit and another 20 years working because his health allows, because he’s in the bottom instead of going down, coal dust is not breathing. Therefore, here also it is necessary to restore order and to bring all into line», — said the Minister.

Earlier it became known that the IMF and the government of Ukraine will develop a General strategy for the reform of the pension system.

The government has no plans to raise the retirement age — Reva 23.05.2016

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