The General staff: the demobilization will take place in late March — early April

Another demobilization of the Armed forces will be held in late March or early April of the current year.

This was announced by the chief of the General staff of Ukrainian armed forces Viktor muzhenko on Monday 8 February in Kiev to journalists during a meeting with foreign military attaches, reports «Interfaks-Ukraine».

«The dismissal of the military personnel (reserve) will be carried out mainly in April, may at the end of March of the current year», — said Muzhenko.

According to the chief of the General staff of the Armed forces is constantly increasing the number of forces expressed a desire to serve under contract.

So, he said, from 1 January to 6 February 2016 the number of contract servicemen increased by 6 thousand people.

«The more soldiers under the contract, the less will be the need to mobilize», he added.

Early Muzhenko stated that the number of people led the service in the seventh wave of mobilization, will be finally determined by the end of March. This is due to the fact that they are in the process of engaging in military service under the contract of a significant number of troops mobilized during the previous waves. «Those wishing to stay for contractual service very much, so it is expected that the seventh wave will be smaller in number than the previous one», — noted in the General staff.

According to Murzenko, «we don’t need the shaft. From the amount of time to move on to quality. Ukraine has enough motivated men who want to join the ranks of defenders of the Fatherland». For raising the quality of personnel plan to conduct more rigorous selection mobilized. Muzhenko noted that preference will be given to those who have already served during previous waves of mobilization.

The General staff: the demobilization will take place in late March — early April 08.02.2016

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