The General staff promises an adequate response to the use of the occupiers Grad

The use of MLRS «Grad» from the territory of the occupied Crimea through Ukrainian territory will be an act of direct armed aggression by the Russian Federation, and the response to it from the APU will be adequate. Now on the South, the Ukrainian military enough strength and means to do so.

This was reported to the correspondent of UKRINFORM, the head of the press service of the General staff of VSU Vladislav Seleznyov.

«If the Russians, God forbid, using reactive systems of volley fire, it will be a fact of direct aggression, and, of course, the response will be adequate», — Seleznyov declared, commenting on the message that the occupiers in Crimea close to Ukraine-controlled territory deployed in the battle formations of MLRS «Grad».

According to the representative of the General staff, in the case of an act of military aggression «has a corresponding procedure that must be done every official, from the Supreme Commander».

«Of course, if the «Grads» will arrive to us from the occupied Crimea, to talk about what this «Crimean self-defence» of them applies, none of the officers of the highest military-political leadership of the Russian Federation do not have. After all, they are already 2 years have positioned the Crimea as Russian territory. So, if «Grads» will come out, then it will be an act of direct armed aggression, with consequences and actions of all power structures of Ukraine», — said Seleznev.

He assured that now in the South is the group of troops and forces who are engaged in combat training activities, and ensure the integrity of the southern borders. These forces, including the use of polygons in the region that were «frozen». «Have we got enough strength and resources to adequately respond to any development of the situation in the South of the country. It is clear that I can’t tell what resources we will use, but… we have enough forces and means for an adequate response,» — said the representative of the General staff.

Seleznev also noted that the occupation troops now «play muscle» in Crimea, however, in his opinion, «the Russians understand that we have to answer in the case of provocation.»

As reported, the representative of the presidential Administration of Ukraine anti-terrorist operation Colonel Andrey Lysenko said that, according to operational information, on Friday morning, the occupants in the Crimea, in close proximity to controlled the territory of Ukraine deployed in the battle formations of MLRS «Grad» (newest model on the basis of car KAMAZ) and ACS. While the Russians aimed to cover his augmented group had deployed a smoke screen.

He stressed that such actions testify of the «hostile intentions of the Russian Federation against our state,» and the military command of Ukraine takes adequate measures.

The General staff promises an adequate response to the use of the occupiers Grad 13.02.2016

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