The General staff promised that the graduates of military departments will be sent to the ATO only when you voluntarily

Graduates of military departments of the call will involve carrying out anti-terrorist operations are only voluntary.

This was during a briefing on 11 January, the Deputy chief of staff General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine Colonel mark andrusyak, transfers «112 UA».

«Indeed, we plan to urge them (the graduates of military departments — ed.) in units. But this involvement includes training as viennaaustria resource in order to after the liberation to include them in the operational reserve of the first stage. The involvement of the ATO will be carried out exclusively on a voluntary basis,» said andrusyak.

«These reserve officers can write reports if they do not want to change the appearance of the military service and voluntarily to connect to the antiterrorist operation. Another way is Contracting. After that, they will also be able to be involved in ATO», — said the General staff of the armed forces.

According to Andrusyak, the decision on the conscription of reserve officers who graduated from military departments of higher educational institutions and were not previously served, is still pending. Such a decision can be made depending on how many of the officers, the contractors will take the opportunity to retire from military service, the correspondent of ЛІГА.net.

Under the law on improvement of the order of service, a special period can be entered call officers for a period of 18 months.

In case of need, by order of the Minister of defence will be called up reserve officers under the age of 43 years, with higher education degree not lower than a bachelor’s degree and officer rank. If the decision on such appeal is taken, the reserve officers will receive special training for a period of up to three months depending on the specialty. The defence Ministry is ready to conduct such courses from February 2017. Following the course the officers will be distributed to military units in places of permanent deployment. Andrusyak stressed that the involvement of reserve officers who will serve on the call to participate in anti-terrorist operation is only possible voluntarily. This officer will have to report the voluntary participation in the ATO or to conclude the contract on passage of military service.

Andrusyak said that the decision to conduct such a call can be made after it will be clear how many officers will exercise the right to dismissal under the law on improvement of the procedure of military service.

The General staff promised that the graduates of military departments will be sent to the ATO only when you voluntarily 11.01.2017

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