The General staff argued that not all military Crimeans – the deserters

Forcibly mobilized into the Russian army of the Crimean people are not deserters for Ukraine. This was stated by the representative of the General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine Vladislav Seleznev in the air of radio «Crimea.Realities».

At the same time, according to him, this does not apply to the Ukrainian military violated the oath, they will answer on all severity of the Ukrainian legislation.

«Servicemen of the Ukrainian armed forces, which changed the oath of allegiance to the people of Ukraine and the statutory period did not come out on mainland Ukraine for further service, are deserters. In respect of all these soldiers prosecuted», – said Seleznev.

«As citizens of Ukraine, who are currently on the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea and receive the agenda, one of them called to the ranks of the armed forces of Russia, – legal consequences for such categories of citizens are not fatal» he said.

In 2014, Seleznev said that after the annexation of Crimea in April in the list of those wishing to join the black sea Fleet of Russia there were 9 of thousands of former servicemen of Ukraine, and 30% of Ukrainian troops have moved to the mainland of Ukraine.

It is not claimed that all the rest of the Peninsula continued to serve in the Russian army, many of them could just quit.

According to Ukrainian legislation, the military who entered the service in the Russian army, are considered deserters.

By words a press-the Secretary of SBU Elena Galanski, against them, investigating criminal case on counts of desertion and treason.

In particular, at the beginning of week it became known about detention of Chongar two military annexed Crimea, which the Ukrainian government calls the deserters. And today, November 24, the Federal security service of the Russian Federation has declared detention in the Sevastopol captain of the reserve Leonid Parkhomenko on suspicion of spying for Ukraine.

The General staff argued that not all military Crimeans – the deserters 24.11.2016

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