The French made men’s underwear with electromagnetic shield

French brand Spartan stitched men underwear with radiation shielding, writes with reference to the Mashable.

The idea of creating such clothes came to the company’s founder Arthur Meynard after he learned about the study the Cleveland clinic (USA): doctors said that mobile phones that are in the pockets can be dangerous to the health of men.

As noted, the fabric from which sewed linen, represents a sort of electromagnetic shield. The use of silver and cotton. The cost of one pair of underwear is $ 45. According to Menara, the company is looking for solutions to reduce the cost. Perhaps this will be done by increasing sales.

In January 2016, another brand, Faraday, presented several models of clothing with protection against electromagnetic radiation. The collection includes jackets, jeans and shirts. Their prices range from 95 to 290 euros. Part of the proceeds from the sales were directed to the needs of the organization Union for International Cancer Control, which is engaged in the fight against cancer.

Recall that in 2011, experts from the world health organization (who) first declared about the possible Association of mobile phone use with the development of brain cancer.

The French made men’s underwear with electromagnetic shield 15.11.2016

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