The French authorities seeking the closure of the «mission of the DNR»

The French authorities intend to achieve closure in Marseille «representation» of the terrorist group «DNR». This was reported by «RIA Novosti» his «head» Hubert Fayyar.

According to Fiara, he received a summons to the Tribunal of AIX-EN-Provence on January 11. The Prosecutor demands to close «Association» because it does not comply with the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations.

«Chief representative» of the terrorist organization claims that it is not the diplomatic missions and, accordingly, is not subject to the Convention. He thinks the issue is «political».

Fajar added that intends to continue to provide «DNR» in France.

«Executive center «DNR» in Marseilles was opened on September 25. Ambassador of Ukraine to France Oleh Shamshur called it «a pathetic attempt to legitimize a terrorist organization by the hands of Pro-Russian puppets.»

«BBC Ukraine» noted that Hubert Fayyar, who calls himself «the honorary Consul of the mission», is President of the national centre to private entrepreneurs of the Bouches-du-rhône. In June 2017 Fayyar visited Donetsk, where he met with leaders of the «DNR».

The security Service of Ukraine declared that have the data communication with the Kremlin five French politicians and experts who took part in the opening of a «representation» of terrorists.

The French authorities seeking the closure of the «mission of the DNR» 25.12.2017

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