The French are devoted to Vasilii Slipko memorial work «the Last cavalcade»

At the National Philharmonic in memory of the deceased in the ATO Opera singer Vasily Slipage played a memorial piece, «the Last cavalcade». The world premiere was performed by the musicians of the Kiev chamber orchestra under the direction of French conductor, friend of Basil Committee’s Nicolas Cross.

About it reports «5 channel».

«Work «the Last cavalcade» French composer Pierre TIW wrote in memory of Vasily Slipage. About this he asked each of Basil, conductor Nicolas Cross. The Kiev chamber orchestra under the direction of the CROs performs this work for the first time, specially for the Ukrainian audience. With Vasily Clipcom Nicolas Kross was known for more than eight years. Together they played more than a dozen concerts. Planned joint projects. But today, the Cross takes the memorial composition in memory of his deceased friend,» — says the publication.

Cross recalls: «He never talked about it with me and with other Parisian musicians. He seemed to have divided his life into two. One Basil – Opera singer. With me he spoke only about music and our mutual friends. And I thought it would be not quite appropriate to question him about the views. But Basil had friends who have seen it and others. He engaged them in heated debates because they begged him not to go.»

«The last cavalcade» in some passages indeed mimics the sounds of war. In particular, the drums burst into the melody, like artillery fire.

Recall, the soloist of the Paris Opera, a volunteer with the Callsign «Myth» Vasily Slipak was killed in action on 29 June 2016. Together with his sister he repelled the attack of terrorists in the village of the Luhansk. He was killed by a sniper’s bullet.

The next day I said goodbye to the Basil in the Dnipro. Later, the body of the singer was taken to Lvov, where he was buried in Lychakiv cemetery. To say goodbye to a hero of the people.

The French are devoted to Vasilii Slipko memorial work «the Last cavalcade» 12.02.2017

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