The former security guard said as the distraction during the escape of Yanukovych

According to the testimony of employees of UGO, who guarded the ex-President Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine, he left on 23 February 2014 in the company of three people.

This was discussed at the meeting of the Pechersk court of Kyiv on 21 January, which considered the case on charges of treason, reports the Censor.NO.

Company President-the fugitive made Lyubov Polezhay, which is considered his common-law wife, ex-Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka and ex-interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko .

From Kiev Yanukovych flew by helicopter. To divert attention has also launched the presidential motorcade.

«Approximately 23 hours 21.02.2014 g. I heard on the radio that Yanukovych flew out of the Ukraine in an unknown direction to me. Around 00:00 I was instructed to travel to Kharkov in the advance team. With us went and the other cars, but we went not together, each car separately. Was found at 110 km of the highway Kyiv-Kharkiv at the gas station. And then together moved to Kharkov. The city came at about 10:00 on 22.02.14 in the regional administration, where I casually saw Yanukovych. There he gave an interview and was going to attend Kharkov Congress of the Party of regions. But for reasons unknown to me he didn’t get», — said one of the employees of the state.

«About 15 o’clock we went to the airport of Kharkiv, where we were waiting for 2 helicopters Agusta. The chief bard has instructed to boot in helicopters. In one of them sat down Yanukovych, Polezhay and others. The direction of flight was unknown to me. During the flight I learned that the Manager of «UkSATSE» gave the order to return to the airport of Kharkiv, referring to the order of Turchynov. The pilot said that we don’t have enough fuel to return, and it was decided to land in the city of Donetsk. After landing at about 16:30 the bard instructed to overload things the other 2 aircraft of type Falcon. We had handled things. After about 10-15 minutes we were approached by armed men who identified themselves as guards and said that will not allow the departure of the aircraft,» — said the representative of protection.

This is the only incident which says a witness. Mention of the shelling of the cortege, which Yanukovych said in Kharkiv interview, and later during the interrogation, no.

«After Yanukovych moved from the plane to the car that went along with Polezhay. Later, about 18 hours we arrived to a large private home and was Yanukovych. In my opinion, this house belonged to Akhmetov,» — said the employee of the UDO.
Further, the evidence shows that in the Zaporozhye region in Crimea Yanukovych took the Russian special forces. On the Peninsula, Yanukovych was already waiting for Pshonka and Zakharchenko.

«I want to note that before leaving the bard ordered everyone to hand over mobile phones. Around 2:00 23.02.14 we went into the field. The city of Berdyansk saw the headlights of cars, three helicopters, tail numbers not seen, only saw a red star on one of them. The bard gave the order to Board these helicopters. The flight lasted about an hour and we carried out the landing on unknown airfield. Unloaded things. And unknown men, as it turned out, the Russian military took us to rest in the van near the runway. There we rested till morning. In the morning we were informed that we should meet. We drove up to the aircraft type an-26. On Board already were Yanukovych, Polezhay, Zakharchenko, Pshonka, bard and an unknown group of individuals. 10 armed men», — said the representative of the state guard.

From Crimea, Yanukovych and his associates flew out to Russia, but then the Board came back for something back to the Crimea. Perhaps the «family» Yanukovych left to Russia, and the Crimea had already returned one with a guard as the names Polezhay, Pshonka and Zakharchenko witness never mentions.

«We took off in an unknown direction to me. Arrived at an unidentified airfield. Technical transport attended the inscription «ANAPA». That gives me the opportunity to say that the airfield was in Anapa, Russia. After about an hour and a half we handled things on another plane and flew. After landing on another airfield, which was also the Russian military, we hopped in the cars and drove off in an unknown direction. After a while I realized that we were in the Crimea. About 22 hours we went to Sevastopol. And, as I understand it, came to the territory of the military unit of the Russian Federation. Part of the territory we met. Yanukovych offered for those who want to go with him. Gave a statement about the refusal of state protection to some of the guards. Those who want to go with Yanukovych, went with him before writing a letter of resignation from the security service of the President and surrendering weapons,» — said the witness.

Earlier it was reported that the court allowed correspondence investigation into the case of treason Yanukovych.

The former security guard said as the distraction during the escape of Yanukovych 22.01.2017

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