The former owners of «Ukrtelecom» Akhmetov demand of 760 million dollars.

The former owners of «Ukrtelecom», the Cypriot company Raga, has put forward claims on 760,6 million dollars of SCM Rinat Akhmetov. This writes

The publication reports, history of privatization of «Ukrtelecom» and its resale Akhmetov’s SCM group acquires new details.

Earlier it was reported that the Nicosia district court temporarily blocked the shares of the Cypriot company Ukrainian oligarch Akhmetov in the amount of 656 million euros.

«The court’s decision was allegedly made at the suit of another Cypriot company in a dispute about the sale of Ukrainian state telecommunication company for 830 million euros,» writes

As reported by the publication the partner of a law firm Nick Marsh, plaintiff is a Cypriot Raga Establishment Ltd, defendant — SCM Financial Overseas Ltd (a company of SCM group, speaking in 2013, the buyer of «Ukrtelecom»), SCM Holdings Ltd and its auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers Ltd.

«The plaintiff asked the court of Nicosia to impose temporary restrictions («freezing order») on the disposal of 44% of shares of SCM Holdings Ltd. On 12 January the court granted the plaintiff’s claims. The decision provides for a ban on their sale, transfer, alienation or creation of any other interest prior to the completion of court in London,» the article reads.

According to the publication, the plaintiff and the defendant involved in arbitration in London in connection with the operation of the purchase in 2013 of «Ukrtelecom». In London, the plaintiff has already received the decision on «freezing» vs SCM Financial, says Marsh.

According to him, Raga went to court, because SCM Financial (nominal buyer «Ukrtelecom») began to restructure its assets to other enterprises of the SCM group. In particular, in November 2014, he has transferred 44% of the shares in SCM Ltd company SCM Holdings Ltd. In 2016, there is some other transaction that relates to companies Pluscom Holdings Ltd and Household Ltd PH Premium.

According to the plaintiff, intra-group transactions unprofitable for Financial and SCM are conducted in order to Raga are unable to 760,6 million dollars, which the company Akhmetov must pay her for the «Ukrtelecom», says Marsh.

We will remind, the state sold 92,79% of stocks «Ukrtelecom» in 2011 for 10.6 billion UAH. The official buyer is the company ESU, a subsidiary company of the Austrian Fund EPIC. Two years later he resold Telecom operator Akhmetov.

Under the agreement, in 2013, SCM has assumed the obligation to pay for the asset is 860 million us dollars. in three phases, says Marsh.

At the time — about 6.9 billion. In July 2013, SCM Financial have listed the first 100 million dollars. and ceased to pay claims to the English lawyer.

As noted in the article, according to the Cyprus registry, the former name of the Raga Establishment Ltd — Epic Telecom Invest Ltd. This Cypriot company has acted on behalf of the Austrian Fund EPIC official owner of the ESU at the time of privatization of «Ukrtelecom».

In the case, who provided the March, stated that the beneficiary Raga now resides in London he was a citizen of Ukraine Denis Gorbunenko. His namesake is well known in the Ukrainian banking market. Earlier Gorbunenko was headed by the bankrupt in 2010, «Rodovid Bank». In 2008, the Focus magazine evaluated his fortune at $ 232 million.

Raga Establishment Ltd also mentioned in the investigation of the BPP Deputy Sergei Leshchenko, which linked the offshore with Dmitry Firtash and Sergey Levochkin.

Group DF Firtash said that they have no reason to comment on the dispute Raga vs SCM.

«The group has no investments in IT», — said the Director of communications of Group DF Oleg Arestarkhov.

Earlier, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko reported that the company «Ukrtelecom» was privatized by a Cyprus company is actually free.

The former owners of «Ukrtelecom» Akhmetov demand of 760 million dollars. 06.02.2017

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