The former leader of the ku Klux Klan has called on its supporters to vote for trump

The former leader of the far-right racist organization, the ku-Klux-Klan David Duke has publicly supported the billionaire Donald trump, candidate for President of the United States, reports BuzzFeed.

«The vote against Donald trump at the moment is really a betrayal of your heritage,» said the Duke, addressing his supporters broadcast their own radio programmes.

According to Duke, he supports voting for trump as a strategic step. «I hope that he will do everything that we hope for», — said the nationalist.

Earlier on the radio Duke called the victory trump for intra-party elections in Nevada and South Carolina a «historic day». Since last year, the former leader of the ku Klux clan supports trump.

It is noteworthy that Donald trump last summer disown Duke, when he praised his views on immigration policy. «I don’t need his support, I don’t want his support. I generally draw support is not necessary», — said the billionaire in an interview with Bloomberg.

Previously trump’s campaign was accused of racism. The Public Policy Polling company engaged in the research of public opinion during the primaries in South Carolina asked deliberately provocative questions to the voters trump. The survey found that 70% of supporters of billionaire advocate a return to the local legislature of the Confederate flag the southern slave-holding States, the losers of the civil war in the USA 150 years ago. The flag was lifted in 2015 after the white racist shot an African-American congregation Church in Charleston.

Recall that Donald trump in the election race, has repeatedly made controversial statements nationalist. So, after the terrorist attack in California San Bernardino on 2 December last year, when Syed Rizwan Farooq and his wife Tashfeen Malik killed 14 people and wounded 22, trump urged to ensure national security and prevent terrorist attacks to close the entry into the United States for people of the Islamic faith.

And last summer in a pre-election speech, June 16, trump, speaking to potential voters, called Mexican immigrants the tyrants that are in society drugs and crime.

David Duke previously served as «Grand magician», leader in ku Klux Klan — arose in the U.S. in 1865 and known in the past, the organization, which currently is in decline, but still retains limited influence and numbers several thousand members.

The former leader of the ku Klux Klan has called on its supporters to vote for trump 26.02.2016

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