The former head of the customs Makarenko: If the border is given a $100 bribe, the officer gets 15, the remaining 85 are distributed «communion» departments

In Ukraine, there are still powerful groups, responsible for all the smuggling scheme at the border. About it in interview to the edition «GORDON» the head of the Ukrainian customs in 2009-2010 and 2014-2015 Anatoly Makarenko.

«And there were powerful groups who lobby the interests of smuggling and other shady schemes. Naturally, they were dissatisfied with the work of my team. Custom, only a small segment of the pyramid of interests, from black and gray smuggling in the state are fed almost all,» said Makarenko.

He stressed that 15% of the smuggling schemes deposited in the pockets of the customs officers, and 85% are distributed to the «sharers offices.»

«Generally speaking, if the boundary is given 100 dollars bribe, 15 of them received by the customs officer, the remaining 85 are distributed to ten «participations» authorities. What? For all who are on duty to combat smuggling and corruption. I’m not defending the custom. It is for that blame. But I am categorically against the opinion, which is heavily imposed on society: that all the problems on the border, blame the customs,» – said Makarenko.

He added that one of these «sharers departments» is the internal security service of the State fiscal service of Ukraine.

«Customs is just one of the cogs in the corruption machine, which operates on the border. I emphasize: it is on the border, in customs control zones inland customs offices, where the major corruption. And in places of customs clearance today lots of agencies that intervene in customs control without authority. Create problems for the business, blackmailing and so customs officials collect corruption rents. Until recently, this enthusiastically hunted unit Gospitalniy internal security service – the main «fighters» against corruption», – concluded Makarenko.

At a meeting on combating smuggling, the President said, «Who is involved in this mess?», I said, «All participants of a regatta are in the hall.» The full interview with Anatoly Makarenko

Anatoly Makarenko was appointed Deputy Chairman of the State fiscal service of Ukraine of 5 June 2014, oversaw the customs direction. Was dismissed after almost 10 months, March 23, 2015.

Then Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk accused Makarenko and his team in «money laundering, protection racket, the establishment of schemes to plunder the country.» Makarenko has filed a lawsuit against the Cabinet and won. The former head of customs argues that «the most «looting», which said Yatsenyuk began in 2015 when he removed the objectionable top of Makarenko and his people out of the office».

The former head of the customs Makarenko: If the border is given a $100 bribe, the officer gets 15, the remaining 85 are distributed «communion» departments 13.07.2017

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