The former bodyguard said that the organizers of the contest «Miss universe» in Moscow offered Trump five women in the room

In 2013 the Russians have offered to send future US President Donald Trump «five women» in the room, but the idea was rejected. About this usedyushi bodyguard trump Keith Schiller said, giving evidence at the closed hearings policy about the trip to Moscow in 2013, reports channel NBC, citing multiple sources.

Answering questions about the «Russian dossier» of trump, which was about sexual entertainment in the room of the Moscow hotel, Schiller said that the idea to send policy women shared with him one of the Russian organizers of the contest «Miss universe».

Schiller said that he regarded the words of the Russians as a joke and told him that they «don’t do that.»

According to the guardian, the evening of the same day he reported the incident to Trump. They exchanged jokes on this subject, and trump went to your number one, claimed Schiller.

He added that he had discussed with «chief» probability of presence in the rooms of the Ritz-Carlton security cameras installed by Russian security services.

Described in the «file» details of the alleged prostitutes stay at the trump Schiller called the word «crap», said the sides of the channel.

10 January, BuzzFeed published a report about «compromising facts» on trump. It was presented to the «unconfirmed and unverified» reports of contact assistants of the future President with the Russian investigators, as well as information about the orgies with prostitutes, allegedly recorded by the Russians during a trip to Moscow policy in 2013. Trump allegedly asked the girls to urinate on bed, which during the visit to Moscow was asleep, the then head of the White house Barack Obama.

It is assumed that the report was prepared by the former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele.

The trump called the report a fake and «a total political witch hunt,» and BuzzFeed – «pile of garbage».

Press Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov said that information about the collection by Russia of dirt on trump’s «absolute fiction».

Schiller worked as a security guard trump almost 20 years, from 2004 to 2016 was the head of his security service. From January to September of 2017 worked in the administration of the President of the United States.

The former bodyguard said that the organizers of the contest «Miss universe» in Moscow offered Trump five women in the room 10.11.2017

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