The flu epidemic in Kiev began to decline, new outbreaks are not expected — SES

The incidence of influenza and SARS in the capital began to decline.

About this «Ukrainian truth. Kiev» said the chief sanitary doctor of the capital Oleg Ruban.

«Today, the situation has improved. The disease is on the decline. The situation for children is stable thanks to the preventive measures. And we also have the stabilization of the situation in adults, the incidence decreased to 16 percent,» he said.

Ruban added that the situation with flu will monitor until the morning of Friday, 5 February.

«If this declining trend will be observed further, that we will be able to reverse these measures against the flu that was injected (mask mode, frequent wet cleaning and airing out, stop the educational process in educational institutions, etc. — ed.)», — said the head of the SES.

He noted that the peak of the disease has passed.

«In February, thank God, we are not victims of flu. Preventive measures that were taken helped to overcome the disease,» — said Ruban.

New outbreaks of influenza he predicts.

«We have quite a large number of people ill with influenza A, which is pretty aggressive. The spring still will be high incidence — always, when pandemic influenza is circulating, but they are not critical. Outbreaks and epidemics are already not expected,» he said Ruban.

As you know, January 31 in the capital came the flu epidemic. Epidporog has been exceeded by 12.8%. SES recommended to close kindergartens and universities.

As of the end of January in Kiev from complications after the flu died 33.

In Kyiv region declared a state of emergency in connection with the spread of the flu and SARS.

The flu epidemic in Kiev began to decline, new outbreaks are not expected — SES 03.02.2016

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