The first Ukrainian woman judge retired

Known to all Ukrainian football fans 46-year-old Natalya Rachynska ended his career.

Natalya Rachynska became the first woman who started working in the highest division (UPL) Ukrainian club football. For the first time it came out as a side referee for the match of the Premier League in 2011. Subsequently, the Rachynska tried the men’s matches in the Europa League, in 2012, she worked in the Ukrainian Cup final and in the match of Supercup of Ukraine.

In the women’s football Rachynska held to the highest level. As a side arbiter (chief arbiter was Catherine Monsul) she judged the final of the Champions League in 2014 and the final of the world Cup 2015.

Most fans remember her after the controversial words of Mircea Lucescu. In 2011, head coach of «Shakhtar» complained work Rachinskaya. Lucescu said that «women are too sentimental and can not objectively judge the football.» Subsequently, Lucescu apologized for his words and gave the female referee a bouquet of roses.

Recall also that the successor Rachinskaya — Ukrainian Kateryna Monzul in 2015 was recognized as the best woman in the world to referee.

The first Ukrainian woman judge retired 25.01.2017

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