The first time the child was born from three parents

In Ukraine first child after the procedure pronuclear transfer is a baby with DNA of 3 people («three parents»). Experts say that with the help of pronuclearstage transfer of nuclei 34-year-old woman who suffered from infertility for 15 years, 5 January 2017, had a baby girl. This was discussed during a press conference by Ukrainian human reproduction that was held on 17 January in Kiev, writes «Ukrainian truth. Life.»

The essence of the method lies in the fact that the nucleus of the patient and her husband moved into a donor egg, which, in turn, was deprived of the nucleus.

As a result of this manipulation, the doctors received a «reconstructed» the egg, while the number of genes from a «third» which was given to the child, is small — only 37 compared to 25 thousand received from parents.

The presence of DNA from three people have been confirmed in laboratories of Ukraine and Germany during examination of the child during the mother’s pregnancy.

The woman gave birth at the clinic «Hope», the procedure was completed under the supervision of the Director of the school, candidate of medical Sciences Valery Zukin.

Now the clinic is another woman who managed to get pregnant the same way. It was 6 weeks behind from its predecessor.

The fact that Ukraine can be born a child of three parents, first became known in the summer of 2016.

A set of foreign genes will get into the organism of the child together with the donor mitochondria are microscopic structures that are in each cell and producing for her energy. They are called energy stations of the cell.

To do this in the lab first fertilized with the sperm of the father two eggs: the mother and the donor. Then from a fertilized egg cell of the mother get-that contains the basic genetic information from both parents. This nucleus is implanted in the egg donor, replacing the original.

Note, in most Western countries this technology is banned because of her lack of knowledge. The only country that permitted studies on the legislative level in the UK.

First «the child from three parents» appeared in Mexico in April 2016. The boy called Ibrahim Hassan. His parents, a wife of Jordan addressed the scientists after several of their children died at an early age due to a rare genetic disease — syndrome, Leah, who passed them from mother, wrote the magazine New Scientist.

The embryologists have performed a unique operation on artificial insemination, which withdrew — from the egg of the mother and transplanted in the oocyte of the female donor and then fertilized it and transferred the embryo back into the mother’s body. In the result, the baby received the nuclear DNA of the mother and the mitochondrial DNA of the female donor. Namely, the mitochondria contain DNA which is responsible for various deviations in development.

The fertilization process was conducted by American doctors in Mexico due to the fact that in the US such methods of obtaining embryos illegal.

The first time the child was born from three parents 18.01.2017

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