The First match of the Ukrainian League match between «Illichivets» and «Gornyak-Sport» has set a record 255 thousand dollars

The match of the 19th round of the First League between «Shakhtar» and «Gornyak-Sport» has set a record for Ukrainian football in 2016 255 thousand dollars. As reported by Sport Arena, before the game on the outcome of this match was supplied a little over 1 thousand dollars, but the main events happened during the match.

In the first half of the money «showered» on away win in the first 45-minute, although they were the clear outsiders of the confrontation. Hirnyk-Sport is, as expected, took the lead in the first half of the game, to the end where this match was set for 72 thousand dollars, 64 of them — that the success of the team from Horishni Plovdiv in this period of the match.

During the break rate «fell» in the opposite direction — «Illichivets». This causes the fact that the coefficient on Mariupol fell significantly and amounted to about 1.7 to 1.8, despite the fact that they were behind.

In the end, the end of the game for this match was about 255 thousand dollars, and the basic amount of bets has proven successful.

Note that this fight became the champion in 2016 the sum of rates among all the matches in the Ukrainian football. The previous record set the match of youth teams «Metalist» and «Steel» in the last season, which is cash collected about 90 thousand dollars.

Previously, the Committee for ethics and fair play of the football Federation of Ukraine suspected a number of players of Kiev «Arsenal» in the delivery match the Veres in the 10th round of the First League.

Before that, first Deputy head of the ethics Committee of the football Federation of Ukraine Andriy Mazanowski said that a well-known Ukrainian player is under investigation for participation in contractual matches.

It was recently reported that former football player of FC «Metalist» Daniel Solomakha obliged to pay a fine in the amount of 8.5 thousand UAH for participation in the contract match.

Earlier, the investigation documented several facts of receiving by the players, «Metalist» money for ensuring the desired match results.

Recall that in early November, 2015 Parliament has introduced criminal liability for unlawful influence on the results of official sports events.

The First match of the Ukrainian League match between «Illichivets» and «Gornyak-Sport» has set a record 255 thousand dollars 15.11.2016

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